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Copyright Symbol

The copyright symbol appears as the capital letter C written in a circle. It is usually written with the name of the copyright owner along with the year the work was published. For example, Copyright ©️ 2022 MyWebsite indicates that the content belongs to a particular website.

This article will help you type the copyright symbol on any device such as Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, etc.

The symbol can be used even if the copyright is not yet registered. The copyright sign claims that the content has an owner and the work is protected. The absence of the symbol does not mean that the work is not copyrighted.

The symbol is well known, however, according to Berne Convention, it is no more a requirement in numerous nations.

The copyright notice in the United States consists of the following three things:

  1. The word “Copyright” or the copyright sign “©️” or just the abbreviation “Copr.”
  2. The year the copyrighted work was first published.
  3. The copyright owner’s identification. It can be by name, abbreviation, or other identification they are known by.

The symbol ©️ (U+00A9) is a Unicode character approved in 1993 as a part of Unicode 1.1 with the name Copyright sign. In 2015 it was added to Emoji 1.0.

Some other characters are similar in appearance to this symbol, such as ⓒ the Circled Latin small letter and Circled Latin capital letter Ⓒ.

There is also a copyleft symbol 🄯 (U+1F12F), with the letter c facing the opposite side. The meaning is also the opposite as it allows the use of work with certain freedoms. The requirement is that the derivatives also contain the exact rights.

Copy and Paste Copyright Symbol

This is the simplest way you can type ©️ copyright sign. All you need to do is to select the character and copy it or press the copy button above. Afterward, you will be able to paste the copyright symbol text anywhere you want.

Copyright Symbol on keyboard 

Windows and Mac’s keyboard does not have the copyright character by default but there are some easy ways you can use to type the symbol. Below you will find methods to type the copyright sign in windows, mac, android, and iPhone.

Copyright Symbol on Windows

Alt Code for Copyright Symbol

You can use the Alt Code of the Copyright character to type it on Windows. Just hold the Alt key on your keyboard and type 0169 on your Numpad. Make sure Numpad is turned on. 

SymbolDescriptionAlt Code
©️Copyright signAlt+0169

Using a Character Map

You can use the Character Map in Windows to type the symbols. Search for the map in the Start menu and Select Character map. A window will appear where you can see many characters. Double-click the Copyright sign and then click the copy button near the text box. Paste it where you want.

Copyright symbol on Windows character map

Copyright Symbol on iPhone and iPad

  • Type copyright using your keyboard in any app. Copyright sign will appear in your QuickType options. Tap it and copyright text will turn into the symbol. Or press space and then tap the symbol to show both.
  • Another way to type the ©️ symbol on your iPhone is to click the smiley icon on your keyboard. To the right side of your emoji menu click the Symbols options (icon with symbols on it). You can then tap the symbol to type it.
Copyright symbol on iPhone

Copyright Symbol on Mac

Mac Keyboard Shortcut

Typing the Copyright symbol on mac is very easy. Just press Option+G on your keyboard and the symbol will appear in your text.

Character Viewer

You can also type the symbol in macOS using character viewer. Press Control + Cmd + Space. Another option is to go to Edit then Emoji & Symbols to open the character viewer in an app. Then click letter-like symbols from the menu. Double-click the copyright character to insert it.

Copyright Sign on Android

Typing copyright emoji on android is simple.

Type copyright with space and see if you get the symbol in the suggestions. If so, simply tap it to insert or follow the below method.

  1. Open your keyboard at any app.
  2. Now click the ?123 key.
  3. Tap the =\< to access more symbols.
  4. Click the ©️ symbol and it will be inserted.
How to type copyright symbol on Android

HTML Copyright Symbol

To insert the copyright character in HTML you can use the Name code, Decimal code, or Hex code of the character.

SymbolName codeDecimal CodeHex code

You can paste the below code directly to your HTML website. Make sure to replace the year and website URL.

<p>Copyright &copy; 2022</p>


Copyright © 2022

Insert Copyright Symbol in Word

Adding a symbol to the word is very easy. There are three ways you can insert the copyright character in MS word.

  • Go to the insert tab and click symbols. Then press the copyright sign and it will be inserted.
From insert tab click Symbol and choose Copyright sign to insert it in word
  • You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+C to type the symbol.
  • Add c in parenthesis like (C) and it will be automatically converted to the symbol because of the default AutoCorrect feature.

Copyright Symbol png

Copyright Symbol

Copyright Sign SVG

Copyright Sign SVG format

You can also check out the Wikipedia page for more information regarding this symbol.